1. Can scientific research answer the ‘what’ question of mathematics.pdf Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen
  2. Design research on how IT may support the development of symbols and meaning.pdf Arthur Bakker, Michiel Doorman and Paul Drijvers,
  3. How to guide students.pdf Michiel Doorman
  4. Indonesian Traditional Games as Means to Support Second Graders’ Learning of Linear Measurement.pdf Ariyadi Wijaya
  5. instructional design.pdf Robert E. Freeman
  6. Learning for tomorrow’s world.pdf First Results from PISA 2003
  7. Learning From “Didactikids” An Impetus for Revisiting the Empty Number Line1.pdf Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen
  8. Using the computer in space geometry.pdf L.M. Doorman, H v.d. Kooij
  9. Developping A Learning Environment.pdf Zulkardi
  10. Reforming mathematics learning in Indonesian classrooms.pdf Robert K. Sembiring, Sutarto Hadi & Maarten Dolk
  11. Traditional Mathematics Education vs. Realistic.pdf Ahmad Fauzan, Dick Slettenhaar & Tjeerd Plomp

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