Untuk Mahasiswa

Buku :

1. Realistic Mathematics Education : Eliciting Alternative Mathematical Conceptions of Learners by Hayley Barnes

2. Coceptualizing The Realistic Mathematics Education by Oh Nam KWON

3. Pembelajaran Matematika Realistik
4. Realistic Mathematics Education in Indonesia

5. -realistic-mathematics-education

6. Assessment and Realistic Mathematics Education
7. RME Past and Present – Wittmann
8. thesis_Armanto

Berikut beberapa artikel terkait PMRI / RME di website yang dapat di download:

  1. Theses (6) and Skripsi on PMRI in Unsri (13) (19 artikel)
  2. http://projects.gw.utwente.nl/cascade/imei/publication/publikasi.htm (8 artikel)
  3. http://p4mriunsri.wordpress.com/2009/06/03/rme-pmri-doctoral-thesis-on-the-web/ (5 disertasi doctor)
  4. http://www.icsei2009.org/presentations/vandenhoven.pdf (1 artikel)
  5. more…

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